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Digital Media Signage Solutions

Digital Media Signage (DMS) deals with managing digital content (video, audio, text, and graphics) that is shown on electronic displays over the IP network. This dynamic and cost efficient tool offers an effective way to communicate with your employees and customers.

It provides a centralized scheduling, management, and publishing of digital media assets to on-premise LCD, plasma, LED, kiosks, outdoor billboards, video walls, and even a computer desktop.


SCS can assist you in implementing DMS solutions in your company to improve the way you communicate with the employees while saving a lot of costs along with our technology vendor Symon.

Along with our technology partner Symon, SCS provides touch screen kiosk systems for variety of customers including retail sector, real estate sector, hotels, banking, universities, events and conventions. We offer software and system solutions for self-service and customer information through highly modern, web-based information systems.