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About SCS

Specialists for Computer Systems (SCS) is an Information Technology company that provides latest
and most stable technical solutions and services. The company was established in the early 2001 and
since that time, it has been passionate in delivering a great professional work that puts customer’s
satisfaction and quality as its highest priorities.
SCS has following line of services :

  • IT Systems Integration
  • IT Consultation Services
  • IT Maintenance and Support
  • Content Management Archiving & Automated Work Flow Solutions
  • Passive Solutions / Cabling
  • Smart Buildings Solutions
  • Security Risk Assessment, Vulnerability, Security ISO, and Security Awareness Consulting
  • IT Service Management (ITSM) Software Solutions
  • Telecommunication (OSP)
  • Telecommunication GSM/UMTS Implementation
  • SCS team believes in separation-of-duty concept. But at the same time, the work flow in SCS culture

is done in a smooth and constructive sociable way that enables SCS to excel in achieving its goals.

SCS Vision

SCS is committed to be a leading specialist provider of IT & Telecom solutions and services in Saudi
Arabia and the Gulf region. We will make every effort in updating our lines of services to acquire
customers’ satisfaction through highest means of growth, quality, and competency.

SCS Mission

SCS is fully dedicated to supply professional products and services as well as utilizing the skills of our
team which will aim for the satisfaction of the customer and successfully fulfilling the needed business
and technical requirements.